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  • kshitijnt
    06-12 03:25 PM
    DA knows that for them to win the case, they need your wife's statement on their side. And for you to win the case your wife will have to testify under oath. The attorneys are prepared on both sides to argue this case and examine and cross examine the case. Make sure you have a really really good attorney.

    I hope you are telling the truth. If not why she didnt tell the police or you didnt tell police the real reason. Now the onus is on your wife to contact the police and DA and let them know the truth.

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  • poorslumdog
    03-17 08:18 PM
    For all who replied well to my thread.. Thanks a million. to whom, trying to blame me etc.. If you want to reply with good answer you are welcome to do so...else DON'T EVEN REPLY.
    Now another question to you guys who are blaming me......
    Did not you guys ever used office stuff/taking printouts of ur personal use/ using ofice phone for personal use etc in your life? If you have done so.. YOU ARE ALSO THIEVES. YOU did not get caught, thats the basic difference...
    Thanks guys

    Have fun!!!

    Is it state or federal law...Yes, you are caught and pay the price. Why you whine here.
    It seems like you are a shameless idiot.

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  • gcwait2007
    07-04 12:11 PM
    As long as you had an I-140 approved earlier and 180 days crossed after the RD of I-485, you are safe to move on to a new job using AC21 portability. Even if your ex-employer withdraws the support for the approved I-140, your I-485 would not denied and it would be considered on its own merits.

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  • go_guy123
    01-15 06:21 PM
    Read this article :

    This is story of a 84 year old Nazi from world war II whose citizenship was revoked. So even citizenship can be revoked.

    Thats what I am sayin. Even naturalized citizenship can be revoked by revoking the underlying GC. Only citizenship by birth is the safest.
    John walker Lynd was able to keep his citizenship in spite of being with Taliban. Had he been a naturalized citizen, I am sure US Govt would have revoked his citizenship by voiding his old GC.


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  • nrk
    08-11 08:39 AM
    Enjoy the freedom

    Thanks Nrk.. infact we got our approval email this morning. We had two sets of I-485 wife's date of Oct 2005 was earlier which got approved today. Thanks again.

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  • chanduv23
    09-19 03:40 PM
    Here is my dilemma--

    MY INFO---
    Occupation -- Physician
    EB2, INDIA, PD APR 2006, EAD renewed till sept 2010, H1 valid till feb 2010 (non-profit company), I-140 approved, I-485 filed July 2007

    I have a very good job offer and I really want to get out of my present job. They expexct me to start work next year in about apr 2008-- The new job is not in my present state but I am freaked out about using AC 21 for following reasons:

    -New company has no clue about H1 and they cannot file H1 any way because they are "for profit" and my h1 is presently from non profit and the QUOTA is now over. My occupation still remains same -(I am a physician ---no way to change occupation -- still have to do same job !)

    -New company can only give me a generic letter for employment (EVL) ---
    "To whomsoever may concern..and only briefly describing my title and job description"

    --- My questions to respected IV members

    1) should I invoke Ac 21 ??-- I am worried that the EVL may not meet USCIS needs as it may not be fully detailed

    2) The other option I have is to take a leave of absence from my present company for one year and start working for the new company? IN this case what happens if I get RFE for EVL ? Which company should I say I am working for present or the future ?

    PLEASE HELP I am very confused--- I strongly feel that the leave of absence might be an insurance policy but I don't know how to approach it !!

    If you are past 180 days after filing 485 you can change jobs using H1b transfer or EAD. If you use EAD it does not matter if it is profit or non profit.
    Your new employer can send letter in any format, but 99% chances that your AC21 will never reach your file - because there is no system in place for it. USCIS treat AC21 letter as response to an RFE - so if you change job you are fine - make sure you update your address on file so that if they send an RFE, you can respond to it, always use a lawyer for everything. In case your ex employer requests USCIS to revoke your 140 then you may get a NOID which is also treated as an RFE. A lot of Visa Officers do not know about AC21 portability - I met one such officer during Infopass and she had no clue about it - may send a denial on 485 - in such cases your case can be reopened through MTR.

    You may not even get an RFE at times and things could just be as fine. Hope this helps.

    Also consult with an Attorney - it really really helps


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  • valuablehurdle
    09-06 11:34 AM
    Just for ALKPD....

    I donot think I deserve $180/hr.... Right now I make $85K plus a 10% bonus.

    You are missing the point. I do NOT think I am SPECIAL. I have an MBA from a US reputed Univ. plus 5 years of experience... I do assessment of their existing IT systems and give recommendations.

    My logic is differrent.. This is valid for US born people too. WHY would a company pay $180 an hour to a consulting Co. for the same skill-sets.... however, when you go to them directly they will just pay you $60-$70.

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  • Keeme
    07-15 11:13 AM
    Good luck finding one that covers you till the end AND is low on premium! The cheapest premiums are that of term insurance, and it is intended for such situations where you have taken measures to invest in other places such as real estate, equities, bonds, cash etc, AND you are not counting on earning any return on the premiums you have paid.

    This insurance is plain and simple. You pay low for covering you for a certain period of time - 10, 20, 30 years.

    Btw, if one is 35 years old and buys a 30 year term insurance, you are covered until the age of 65. What is your point?

    Term Ins is the best choice.

    What you need to cover is risk agains your life and it covers it.

    Term = Covers risk
    Whole Life = Covers risk + Savings

    My father have worked for 40 + years in LIC back in India, driving braches and their Developement officers to get new policies and business. As per him, Term is the best as what you need to have is to cover the risk against your life and it does. About savings - so called cash value is all creatures of agents and ins. companies to run their INS businesses and within that business a BANK or Investment company.

    I don't have one here in US so far. Planning to get one in next few weeks.


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  • amitjoey
    07-13 05:37 PM
    New members:

    Please contribute now.... Nothing is free here. Even to maintain this web-site it need money.. Think how important information you get just by joining IV. And guess what if we would have minimum fee to join IV, lots of us would have paid it. But IV is so kind enough that they don't ask money to join it. But now it up to us if we want to contribute. New members and old members who haven't contributed yet please contribute now...Show that you are not free rider and you care about IV...

    Thanks a lot...

    Who is first?


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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 02:35 PM
    Here is the news from the Little Rock newpaper. Apparently the criminal shot dead another guy right after this incident


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  • mhathi
    10-05 10:39 AM
    Great news! Fight and fight till we succeed!!

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  • josecuervo
    06-20 11:10 AM
    Dear friends,
    Can you please let me know if I can go for medical exam even before I receive packet 3 from NVC. I would like to save time. Appreciate any tips and pointers in this regard.


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  • amitjoey
    07-10 11:48 AM
    It is not late to order, have it delivered tommorrow.
    It is working.

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  • nat23
    10-05 10:39 AM
    It would be great if couple of members from Cincinatti area could pay a visit to Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio. This would drive our point further plus we can also use the 800,000 number that is floating around


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  • GCAmigo
    05-14 11:16 AM
    When in Rome do as the Romans do.. start eating burgers & you will develop the much needed 'thick' skin.. that should keep you immuned to all those bickerings..

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  • tuktukan
    11-20 09:54 AM
    Renewal procedure in CT:

    1. Receive the renewal letter in the mail.
    2. Visit the local DMV (Beware of long lines in the morning).
    3. Show previous DL then pay $25.
    4. Smile and say cheese for the photo.
    5. Get 6 yrs. DL validity for just 10 mins. or less.


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  • eb3_nepa
    06-28 02:12 PM
    This is wrong. EAD can be issued when both of the following conditions MUST meet:

    I140 has been approved
    I485 application is 180 days old


    You become eligible to file for the EAD/AP THE day you become eligible for AND actually file for I-485.

    HOWEVER your 180 day calendar Begins ONLY WHEN Your I-140 has been approved AND your I-485 application has been pending for 180 days. That after 180 such days can you change ur job and ur application for Permanent Residency is NO longer dependant on the employer through whom you filed your GC.

    Guys PLEASE do not give advice authoritatively unless you know what you are talking about.

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  • newbie2020
    09-25 04:33 PM
    I would love to get involved with bunch of like minded people.....I have all the experience needed for starting and running a company. I have successully done thrice.....We have so many experienced folks who would love to start and run a company but lack the experience/knowledge of running one. it would be a good start to bring all such people to get together and pool our knowledge, skills, money and succeed.

    Let me know what do u guys think... We can discuss next course of action.

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  • nixstor
    04-16 03:37 PM
    Nixtor, If you are Indian it seems to me you have not visited India for long time now. India�s IT story started as back office. But now that�s not true any more. The Kind of projects the big IT firms like Infosys, Wipro & Satyam are doing and no sub standard than the projects U.S. big I.T. firms are doing. But I do agree with you 100% it is a far dream that India can ever be at the top of the world. It is my personal opinion too. I think the current surge is temporary which was mainly brought in by a government which ruled India between 1999 & 2004. What we are seeing now is momentum of the good things they did. The current government which is highly inefficient & corrupt is going to give way to more corrupt & more inefficient government and everything is gonna fall like a deck of cards.

    We do not have to go and sit down in their helluva offices to figure out what the heck is going on. My point is simple. As long as all the so called companies simply write software,provide services to US companies its back office. How much of software written is for native use? How much of the revenue generated by these companies is Indian based? With out infrastructure and manufacturing growing at at least 10% of the other growths people dream about, its nothing but a deck of cards doomed to fall any time. Enough of my rant.

    03-19 02:24 PM
    EB3 discrimination is quite blatant. Folks with a date of March 2004 should be automatically considered EB2 based on five year experience. This is not just for EB3-I or EB2-I but for all chargeabilities.

    That will require a change of law. Current law is based on qualification for the job, not that of candidate filling that job. If I am a PhD, but an employer needs a tool cleaner, which I am willing to accept, I'll be sponsored for whatever category the tool cleaner position falls in.

    If someone has gained 5 yrs experience waiting for on EB3, and wants to move to EB2, he/she will need to look for a job/sponsorship which requires 5 yrs experience. It is that simple. Lot of people do that...and retain their original PD. Isn't it a nice thing?

    11-20 09:54 AM
    Renewal procedure in CT:

    1. Receive the renewal letter in the mail.
    2. Visit the local DMV (Beware of long lines in the morning).
    3. Show previous DL then pay $25.
    4. Smile and say cheese for the photo.
    5. Get 6 yrs. DL validity for just 10 mins. or less.

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